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Understanding a Path to Increasing Sales

If you are in a B2B business, I cannot think of any single event with the potential to increases sales as much as your reps talking to a greater number of highly qualified prospects. At the end of the quarter, if your sales people engaged with more qualified prospects than the previous quarter… You are going to see more sales. I think most professional would agree. We can provide your company with a high tech B2B appointment setting service, making sure your sales pipeline has more of those meetings.

Of course, the pipeline itself requires many considerations. Who is in there, how qualified are they, when are we anticipating sales from these prospects and exactly where in the pipeline are they. Let's examine two pipeline leads for comparison. One is a prospect whose business name you entered into the CRM this morning because after seeing their truck you thought, "These guys could really use my widget." The other is an hour meeting scheduled with the decision maker VP whose company is a prime target. The VP's interest has been cultivated over several phone conversations sprinkled with some modern marketing tech. The VP's company has a need for your product, has a realistic budget for your product and wants to make a decision in the next 30 days. Given the choice, every sales person on the planet takes the VP over this morning's CRM entry.

Why Outsource B2B Appointment Setting?

Here's the problem… when your sales team is pipeline building they are not closing, when they are closing they are not pipeline building. The fact is you need action towards appointment setting and the appointments as well. Quite the opposite from the old "chicken and egg" scenario, the appointment setting comes first. If your business is like most you need help growing and nurturing that pipeline. On a side note, about forty percent of business' now have appointment setting for the sales reps... Making these companies very desirable places to work. Not to worry.

Call Tech Media has a great deal of expertise building list, engaging executives, qualifying prospects and providing you with an excellent B2B appointments. We develop campaigns that you can use as a short-term sales booster or a long-term growth strategy. Perhaps you've been considering developing an inside team yourself. Our expertise will go a long way helping you develop a list strategy, perfecting call scripts and working out rebuttal tactics. We'll help you identify the most profitable time in the qualifying process in which to pass prospect up to your closers. These services can boost earnings and profits exponentially as well as long term.

The Changing Nature of B2B Marketing

Antique Appointment Setting

Since the offering of the "type 302 phone" in 1937 until right now the b2b sales & marketing process has continually changed. Practices and business structures used as little as 10 years ago in many cases no longer work well and are typically less viable, more costly or all three. Some of the people around here remember assigning sales reps different sections of the Yellow Pages. Phones not terribly different from the "type 302 phone" were used for cold calling as recent as the eighties. Here is just a partial list of emerging technologies that has enormously increased the efficiency of modern marketing:

Automated Marketing | VOIP | CRM | Softphones | Digital Switching | Robots | Artificial Intelligence | The Internet | The Cloud | Data Base Efficiencies | Digital Storage and Speed Capacities

Not keeping up with the times can result in decreased market share, high turnover of staff, slow or no growth and lower margins just to name a few. CallTech Media is here to make sure you have the latest tech on your side. Using one of our premier B2B appointment setting services will keep you in the game. We carry expertise in the entire tech above and some we created ourselves. With our HyperDial technology, a single marketer can dial 1,200 numbers on any given day. That's about 1,100 more than on the type 302 and five to 10 times that of our competitors. .

Experienced Agents Deliver Quality B2B Appointments Leading to Sales

A successful outbound marketing campaign must have more than a big reach; a percentage must convert to customers as well. Our marketing agents are experienced pros. We identify those in the company most likely to give you a buying decision. Engage those individuals in conversations rather than mechanically repeat memorized scripts. We generate interest in your product, search for pain points you heal. Let's discuss the qualifiers you need and get your sales team in ore closing situations. To learn more about how our B2B appointment setting services can boost your business please call and ask about HyperDial.

Outsourced B2B Pipeline Services

From 2016 through 2018, outsourcing is expected to encounter massive growth. Of the companies currently outsourcing 41% plan to expand the practice. Another 19% of US companies are planning to try outsourcing for the first time as well. Even more interesting, in a recent survey of small and medium-sized companies, 64% already outsource. This is quite contrary to the popular belief that only large companies embrace the practice.

Of the top 10 functions currently outsourced, Advertising & Marketing comes in at a 64%. “It’s about specialization,” says Ryan K “My company is full of software experts, no one believes those skills carry over into B2B appointment setting.” He’s right, there are a number of obvious reasons engineers, tradesmen, accountants and techies will never excel in telemarketing… so why try?

Appointment Setting Expertise

Access to expertise is a big reason to outsource appointment setting. If you think it’s simply a matter of working the phones 8 hours a day, then you haven’t worked the phones in a while. Over the last 10 years’ decision makers have become incredibly busy, meaning unavailable to the unskilled telemarketing agent. Furthermore, an enormous body of expertise has built up around phone technique, getting past gatekeepers, staffing, training, software, telephony, list acquisition and management. Pick any single element from that list and spend six months or a year getting up to speed. Those six months equates to you spending your time and money figuring out what doesn’t work. That’s a very expensive education; all the while... you’re missing sales.

A b2b appointment with your sales qualified lead is close to the end of the pipeline. This is why it is a very important is asset to your sales and marketing quiver. Additionally, quality appointments are an easily quantifiable investment. An investment that will most likely shine compared to other pipeline building activities.

HyperDial technology can dial over a quarter million numbers per year with just one telemarketer. Internally you would need a team of five, maybe ten employees to have that much reach. We provide extensive reports and access as to the disposition of that pipeline.
Most media costs create “impressions” with no quantifiable result. It’s great when someone recognizes your logo… but are your sale people in closing situations with real buyers? With CallTech Media, the answer becomes yes. You want your sales staff talking to interested, decision makers, who are looking to buy soon. Prospects that have an available budget to buy and a problem that your product solves. Now that is a media plan with a solid transmission to the sales department and the bank!